He runs to make his mind still, to organize himself and to get rid of the noise from this loud, confusing world. The more he's moved, the more he's introduced patterns and rhythm into his routine. Laps around the house are a daily ritual. He's made it more complex as he's developed, but the basics are the same. There is a pattern of movement -- specific foot patterns based on whatever song or chant he chooses to accompany the run, and he can not be stopped until he is ready to be.

This is James, and this is our story.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Johnny's Inspiration

My friend Alysia told me about a graphic organizer app for the iPad that is on sale today, and it looked like something that would be helpful for James down the road, so I downloaded it. And promptly forgot about it.

Since today was parent pick up for both boys followed by double header activities, I threw the iPad in the car to keep them from driving me crazy amuse them on the drive crossing the city back and forth in afternoon traffic.

Johnny noticed the app right away and asked what it was. "Oh, it is something to help with homework and writing papers" I answered without paying much attention, because honestly I was too busy wishing I picked up an iced latte for the ride. I assumed he went straight to playing his favorite Toca Boca apps.

But when I got to James' school and took back the iPad to put it away, I saw this:

AND this:

Who says he needs organized religion?
I think he's got it all pretty well covered right here...

Yeah, Wow.

So for $6.99 and a tip from a smart friend, I got an app that might help my ASD son who is like a victim of torture when it comes to formulating his own theories and then having to try to communicate them, PLUS I got an added bonus of a tool that his 7 year old brother (with a potential god complex) can use to document all the processes and theories he feels he needs to tell everyone he knows perfectly. Since he spends most of his time explaining these to me in great detail, maybe if he has it in writing he won't end up exasperated when I inadvertently stop paying attention halfway through.

Well done Inspiration Maps. If your kids are anything like mine, Johnny god help you, go get the app today before it goes back up to the full (double) price. Easily one of the best apps since the best barrier breakdown ever: Angry Birds.


Alysia said...

They have a software version too. Next step, get his school to buy it to help him write at school :)

krismac said...

I was telling another ASD friend about it and she wanted to get it but didn't have an iPad, so I was wondering if there was a PC version. That is awesome - will share with her AND James' school! Thanks again so much for sharing it, I think it is going to be a game changer! xo

Michele Schwien said...

That is awesome.
Thanks for sharing.