He runs to make his mind still, to organize himself and to get rid of the noise from this loud, confusing world. The more he's moved, the more he's introduced patterns and rhythm into his routine. Laps around the house are a daily ritual. He's made it more complex as he's developed, but the basics are the same. There is a pattern of movement -- specific foot patterns based on whatever song or chant he chooses to accompany the run, and he can not be stopped until he is ready to be.

This is James, and this is our story.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Summary from Game 1 - Daylight Savings Sleep Battle 2012

After yesterday's post, I'm sure you are all sitting on pins and needles to find out who won Night 1 of the epic battle of Sleep vs. Autism and Daylight Savings (or are too battle weary yourself to care, but just trying to find something to read to keep you awake until your coffee kicks in).

Here are the highlights (or more appropriately, lowlights) and stats from this household.

Key moments:
11:30 pm - Parent #1 went to bed, confidently planning 3 hours of sleep before game begins.
12:30 am (pre-daylight savings time change) - Child #1 jumped in Parents' bed to start game early
12:31 am - Child #1 launches aggressive offense by kicking, twisting, turning, flipping, bolting upright and pinning own appendages under Parent #1's torso and legs.

2:30 am (post daylight savings time change) - Parent #2 shows up to play game. Sees Child #1 sprawled out across entire bed. Forfeits game. Rouses Parent #1 from state of half sleep up to inform her of said forfeit.
2:31 am - Parent #2 immediately retreats to Child #1's empty bed in dark, quiet room, prompting silent cursing from Parent #1.
2:31 - 5 am - Child #1 continues assault. Parent #1 remains on defensive.
5 am - Child #2 makes early appearance in order to participate in game.
5:30 am - Parent #1 forfeits game and sends Children downstairs to play video games.

Records broken during game:
  • Child #1 beat own personal records in both "duration of time awake" at 4 hours and "average time stayed asleep" at approximately 9 minutes (Parent #1's time keeping possibly skewed by delirium).
  • Parent #1 beat own personal record in "amount of time laying 1/2 off bed" (most of night) and # of times switching side of bed in attempt to free self from Child #1's appendages (4 times)
Additional Stats:
  • # of times Parent #1 silently cursed Autism and Daylight Savings - 597
  • # of times Parent #1 kicked - 1,268 (approximately)
  • # of personal injuries sustained by Parent #1 - 6
  • # of those injuries to eye sockets and nose - 4
  • # of hours Children have been playing video games - 4
  • Amount Parent #1 cares about time spent on video games - 0
Final score:
Autism and Daylight Savings - 1,871
Parent #1 - 0

Parent #1 loses the first match in the 2012 Epic Battle against Autism and Daylight Savings in a pathetic shutout. With at least half a dozen more nights to play, Parent #1 will be training by taking a nap this afternoon and coaching Parent #2 on how best to enter the game as a sub.

What are the stats from your own battle last night?


Lisa said...

Our stats are eerily similar.

My boys slept slightly later--but I got a 2 for 1 deal...my older 2 were tag-teaming the kicks, stims, snorts, and such. Parent #2 owes me....

krismac said...

I knew your stats would be Lisa, but you had the added double pressure. That's just all kinds of not fair in this game. I'm lucky the little sleeps like his dad... Your teammate better step up tonight - will be thinking of you!