He runs to make his mind still, to organize himself and to get rid of the noise from this loud, confusing world. The more he's moved, the more he's introduced patterns and rhythm into his routine. Laps around the house are a daily ritual. He's made it more complex as he's developed, but the basics are the same. There is a pattern of movement -- specific foot patterns based on whatever song or chant he chooses to accompany the run, and he can not be stopped until he is ready to be.

This is James, and this is our story.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Moment of Truth Monday - The Power of Words?

2 weeks ago today, James started crying when it was time for his homework. Since tears often accompany homework, I wasn't really surprised.

But then he got really upset and said "My homework made me sick. We started it in school and it made me really sick!"

Slightly confused, I looked in his backpack and laughed to myself when I saw the assignment. "James, your homework can't make you sick. Words can't make you sick. It's just a poem. Let's sit down and do it together".

James was so upset he could barely make it through the worksheet. We finally managed to finish it and I told him he could go play on the iPad while I made dinner.

He barely ate dinner, and an hour later wanted to go to bed. He was burning up. He spent the next 2 weeks out of school with pneumonia.

When he finally went back to school last Thursday, I told his teacher and we laughed. "Ah, the power of words" she said.

Power of words indeed. This was his homework:

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