He runs to make his mind still, to organize himself and to get rid of the noise from this loud, confusing world. The more he's moved, the more he's introduced patterns and rhythm into his routine. Laps around the house are a daily ritual. He's made it more complex as he's developed, but the basics are the same. There is a pattern of movement -- specific foot patterns based on whatever song or chant he chooses to accompany the run, and he can not be stopped until he is ready to be.

This is James, and this is our story.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Moment of Truth Monday - Giving Thanks

My amazing friend (read all about her and my autism mama friends who saved me here) owns the fabulous Sophia's Grotto and is sending out a card for Thanksgiving. She decided to make it from kids - straight out of the mouths of babes.  I'm pretty much ruining her plan by posting this, but you'll see why I had to use it for my "Moment of Truth Monday". AND I don't think any of her peeps will see this to know. If they do, sorry Sonia (with a silent cheer that people actually read this;)

So I asked Johnny Drama what he was thankful for. His reply was typical Johnny. "I'm thankful that I never got coal for X-Mas (yes, he actually calls it X-Mas) and I never will".

James' answer was, well, I have no words. This is his post tonight anyway.

Without hesitating, he said: "I'm thankful I got picked to be in this family".

Me too Buddy.  More than you'll ever know.

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Alysia said...

Oh man...tearjerker! He's right. He couldn't have picked a better mama.